Shoebox Farm

Handmade Crafts, Stories, Recipies, Photos and much more from a "sort of" self-sustainable and sometimes
crazy life!

Welcome to Shoebox Farm

We are a family run, semi-self-sustainable, small urban Homestead located in a rural section of Oakland County in South Eastern Michigan. We grow our own veggies, can the fruits of our labor, create wonderful hand-crafted jewlery and gifts and have four very beautiful, friendly, fluffy hens.

Why the name of Shoebox Farm? I figured since everything that is grown here - from our fruits & veggies, to our Guinea Pigs and hens, to my model horses - can fit inside of a shoebox quite litteraly, that it would be the perfect name.

I have been a lifelong lover of the outdoors and animals and have spent the past 20 years or so working with horses. Living in a rural part of Michigan and working on the farm gives me many opportunities to see the local wildlife from coyotes, Whitetail deer and turkey to Sand Hill Cranes, Red-Tail hawks and rabbits. As well as the chance to be able to get out and take in the Earth Mother in all her forms, from the warm sun shinning on my face to the breeze blowing my hair and the aroma of the flowers and rustle of the leaves.

As a family we enjoy many outdoor activities together, from off-roading, fishing, camping, hiking and hunting. The last two are often done at the same time!

I hope to see you again! Please be sure to bookmark us so you can check back often for new products and updates.

Buy and spend locally (within 100 miles of yourself). We NEED to support each other!

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